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An epoch of Upper Cambrian geologic time (en)  +
An agreement to submit dispute to legal arbitration (en)  +
Upper Middle Ordovician geologic time (en)  +
A structural steel, open-sided tower raised vertically by special lifting tackle attached to the travelling block (en)  +
The collection of dirt, paraffin, oil, mill scale, rust, and other debris that is cleaned out of a pipeline when a scraper or a pig is put through the line (en)  +
Lowermost stage of Lower Cambrian geologic timeamp;; below Atdabanian (en)  +
A 3x3 array of pixels (en)  +
Upper Induan (Lower Triassic) geologic time (en)  +
The logical relationship between the start and/or finish of one activity and the start and/or finish of another activity (en)  +
The geologic epoch occurring between Upper and Lower Cambrian, beginning approximately 540,000,000 years ago (en)  +
A compressor plant where natural gas is stripped of the liquid hydrocarbons usually present in wellhead gas (en)  +
A well drilled to permit more effective extraction of oil from a reservoir (en)  +
To enlarge a drill hole below the casing (en)  +
A contract of insurance which gives insurance temporarily while negotiations about a permanent contract continue or while administrative work connected with preparation of the final contract is in progress (en)  +
A person whose primary duties are managing an oil company´s relations with its landowners. Such duties include securing of oil and gas leases, lease amendments, and other agreements (en)  +
An ordered arrangement of civil engineering structures, machines and equipment of various kinds designed to convert the gravitational potential energy of water into electrical energy (en)  +
Lower Upper Ordovician geologic time (en)  +
A stage of Upper Cambrian geologic timeamp;; below Dolgellian (en)  +
Upper Olenekian (Lower Triassic) geologic time (en)  +
Early Lower Triassic geologic time (en)  +